Free online tool creates images with adjustable depth of field from standard DSLR video

We've seen a couple of ways to change the depth of field (DOF) in pictures after they've been shot, but those methods have all featured specific hardware for the job. Knowing that most aren't inclined to fork over the notes for such luxuries, online auteurists The Choas Collective have released a free online tool for creating DOF-changeable images -- and all you need is a basic DSLR that shoots video. Instead of fancy in-camera tech that captures all the focal range data in one instance, their method requires you to shoot a short, steady video of the subject scene while you manually change the focus from one extreme to another. Upload the clip, and the Collective's neat tool cuts each frame into a 20 x 20 grid and works out what's in focus. The result is an embeddable image which allows you to play around with depth of field on the fly. We know you're probably eager to try this out right now, but before you go looking for your camera, head to the source link for full instructions and tips for shooting the clip. Alternatively, if you're sans DSLR, check out the example of a DOF-changeable image we've hidden below the fold.