Oppo previews sample shots taken with Find 5's Sony-made Exmor RS sensor

Sony pulled the plug on the original specs for its next-gen Exmor RS sensor, pushing a rollout for those modules into the new year. So while that move, made for quality control purposes, guarantees that a new batch of Xperias outfitted with the tech won't appear until 2013 at the earliest, imaging fanatics curious for a preview can get a sneak peek courtesy of Oppo. Baked into the Chinese manufacturer's newly announced Find 5 -- a quad-core S4 Pro Android Jelly Bean handset with a 5-inch 1080p display -- is the top shelf 13-megapixel version of Sony's sensor tech. Oppo's provided a few curated snapshots taken with the camera on its site and, as you'll see, the resulting images are rich with color and exhibit a fine level of detail. We'll reserve judgement until we can get our hands on a review unit for extensive testing. Until then, feast your eyes on the samples at the source below.