Google selects five additional Kansas City markets for Fiber rollout

Google Fiber

It's not just in Kansas City anymore -- it's in the surrounding neighborhoods. Google's rolling out its Fiber service to five more areas in the midwestern municipality starting in the new year. After putting the finishing touches on installations in the Dub's Dread area, households in Piper Schools, Delaware Ridge, Painted Hills, Open Door and Arrowhead will be next on deck to sign-up for Mountain View's nascent TV and internet services. Google's provided an updated chart with installation boundaries and respective deadlines for eligible homes, instructing denizens of these fiberhoods to select from among three available packages: Gigabit + TV plan, Gigabit Internet Plan or Free Internet Plan. And if hedging your bets on a untested service has you wary of signing on the dotted line, the search giant's also arranged for prospective subs to demo its fiber optic wares at the appropriately dubbed Fiber Space. Click on the source below for more details and an opportunity to be next in line for Google's great digital expansion.