Judge denies Apple a permanent ban on Samsung devices, tosses Samsung's attempt at a new trial

A permanent sales ban on a number of Samsung devices isn't happening, says Judge Lucy Koh, shooting down an injunction request filed by Apple. In a filing denying the motion, Koh admits that Samsung may have cut into Apple's customer base, but says "there is no suggestion that Samsung will wipe out Apple's customer base or force Apple out of the business of making smartphones. The present case involves lost sales -- not a lost ability to be a viable market participant." Although Koh admits it's undeniable that Samsung has violated certain patents, Apple has failed to show that it has lost sales to Samsung specifically because of these patent violations, noting that "it is not a case where the patented inventions are central to the infringing product." Apple's sale loss could just be because Samsung is the company's direct competitor. The Judge shot down one of Samsung's requests too, denying the company a new trial due to alleged jury misconduct. Looks like that billion dollar verdict isn't going anywhere.