Trustonic: a way for mobile apps to benefit from ARM's hardware-level security

This here narrative begins back in April, when ARM, Giesecke & Devrient and Gemalto teamed up and gave themselves precisely nine months in which to find the perfect brand name for their newly merged mobile security platform. Today, we're looking at the fruits of their efforts: Trustonic; a word which snappily captures the essence of what's at stake (trust-onic) and which you may soon encounter in connection with your next-gen smartphone, Mastercard payment app or 20th Century Fox DRM'd media.

What does Trustonic do, exactly? Pretty much what Mobicore already does in the Galaxy S III, or what Trusted Foundation does inside a Tegra-powered tablet: it allows certain pieces of software to tap into hardware-level encryption and authentication, courtesy of the TrustZone silicon that many ARM chips already contain, thereby removing many of the risks associated with malware and other intrusions within the mobile OS. As far as we understand it, the key difference with Trustonic is that it won't require direct input from OEMs like Samsung and NVIDIA, but will instead be more readily accessible to any banking, payment or DRM service that is willing to pay for a key. In return, the service would get enhanced security and faster logins for its users, who'd only need to enter a short, locally-verified PIN rather than wading through cloud-based steps to prove their identity. Indeed, perhaps that's where the tonic comes into it.

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Trustonic: The New Standard of Trust and Security for Connected Devices

London, UK, 06:00AM 18 December 2012 – Trustonic, the new company formed by ARM, Gemalto and Giesecke & Devrient (G&D), has today launched as a new standard security provider to address the increasing need for trust built into smart connected devices. The company's technology enables service providers to innovate, expand and simplify user experiences in areas such as enterprise, commerce, payments and entertainment.

Trustonic is proud to name key industry partners at launch include 20th Century Fox Home
Entertainment, Cisco, Discretix, Good Technology, INSIDE Secure, Irdeto, MasterCard, NVIDIA, Samsung Electronics, Sprint, Symantec, and Wave Systems.

Trustonic CEO, Ben Cade, said: "Trustonic builds upon decades of experience between ARM, Gemalto and G&D in developing secure technology for connected devices. The launch of Trustonic marks a turning point in our connected world. It will enable us to trust our smart connected devices to protect us as they deliver essential services and innovative user experiences."

The company will focus on the development of a GlobalPlatform compliant Trusted Execution
Environment (TEE), which will offer a common security standard for connected devices. The TEE will be built upon ARM TrustZone® technology found at the heart of today's leading system-on-chips, combined with leading security software and management systems contributed by Gemalto and G&D. Services that require high trust in people's connected devices can gain access to the TEE on demand.

Trustonic will enable a connected device experience that begins and ends in complete security.

• Consumers will benefit from enhanced services; they will enjoy content on any screen,
experience simpler, faster and safer payments and be able to use their device of choice at home or work.
• Service providers will be able to trust in people's devices offering customers the services they want on the smart devices of their choice.
• Network operators have the option to incorporate revenue generating value added services, such as enterprise security, payment services, and convergent service charging, to existing contracts.
• Electronic device makers can integrate an application and service-independent security platform that isolates and protects sensitive assets such as passcodes, fingerprints and certificates, all of which enrich, expand and accelerate people's digital lives with a seamless user experience.
• Silicon partners will benefit from embedded security at the core of their system-on-chips that will attract high value services.

Trustonic operates an open business model, allowing device manufacturers to incorporate the TEE security technology into their own products while also enabling service providers to activate these capabilities later based on the services that people desire. The company's technology, business model, and focus on open standards provide a consistent trusted foundation to support a vibrant ecosystem of partners.

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Trustonic's management team draws on a pool of executive talent with substantial and varied industry experience. Joining CEO Ben Cade are:

Jon Geater, Chief Technology Officer
Olivier Leger, Executive Vice President – Sales and Marketing
Stephan Spitz, Executive Vice President – Engineering
Chris Jones, Chief Operating Officer

Trustonic will headquarter in Cambridge (UK), with offices across Asia, Europe and North America.

About Trustonic

Trust. It's a simple word but a critical concept – especially when it comes to our connected lives... Without trust, the world is a more difficult place; when we can't trust it's harder to work, socialise, shop and even enjoy the entertainment we love. Bolt-on security causes friction and slows down our mobile lives, but with integral trust, we speed freely on our way to doing some pretty amazing things.

Trustonic integrates a new level of security directly into the connected devices closest to us. By securing trust directly into the devices through which we access our connected world, Trustonic is simplifying everything from mobile shopping to entertainment to collaborating with colleagues. That foundation of trust means it's even easier to do more of the things that make us who we are.

That's why companies like 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment, Cisco, Discretix, Good Technology, INSIDE Secure, Irdeto, MasterCard, NVIDIA, Samsung Electronics, Sprint, Symantec, and Wave Systems count on Trustonic to protect and unleash a wide variety of powerful, personalised services on your devices.

To learn more about Trustonic and how it's making your connected world a better place visit us at