Wunderlist 2 debuts, ditches HTML5 for native apps on Android, Windows, iOS and Mac

Wunderlist is one of those apps that's beloved by productivity nerds, but not very well known outside of those circles. Part of the appeal came from its availability on almost every platform out there. To reach true OS agnosticism 6Wunderkinder, however, relied on HTML5 -- which makes porting an app easy, but comes with its own drawbacks, including lackluster performance. (Just ask Mark Zuckerberg.) With the revamp, Wunderlist 2, the task management platform now has truly native apps for Android, iOS, OS X and Windows to compliment its web site. There are a few new features, including push notifications, reminders and reoccurring tasks, but it's the dramatically smoother and speedier operation that's the real story here. And, while the design is familiar, there are some tweaks to the UI that make it much more user friendly, especially on mobile. Unfortunately, the move away from the beleaguered HTML5 base isn't without its casualties. The company no longer offers a Linux client, though the available Chrome extension should help sooth the pain. To download it for yourself check out the source link.