Visualized: Cassini probe gets a glimpse of Saturn's shadow

The Cassini space probe has collected quite a few memories of Saturn in its eight years, swinging by the planet's moons and even listening to lighting storms. Even so, we're being treated to an uncommon sight today: the dark side of Saturn. A newly processed set of 60 images, originally taken in October, shows what the gas giant is like from near the center of its shadow. The slightly trippy color scheme stems from a mix of visible, near-infrared and violet light in the collage. Sitting in the darkness allows for more than just pretty pictures, as well -- it reveals details about Saturn's atmosphere and rings that would otherwise be obscured by sunlight. Just be sure to etch this mosaic in your memory. The last time Cassini had an opportunity for this kind of snapshot was in 2006, which rules out any quick retakes.