Best Buy's CinemaNow opens home disc-to-digital program, makes cloud copies of DVDs for a fee

One interesting development of the UltraViolet program has been Walmart / Vudu's in-store disc-to-digital program, and now Best Buy is apparently ready to offer similar functionality, but within the comfort of one's own home. The Best Buy-owned CinemaNow is flashing a Disc to Digital beta page that offers downloads of a player for Windows or Mac PCs that not only allows access to one's UltraViolet library both online or offline, but also insert any DVD (no word on Blu-ray support yet) and convert it to an SD or HD UltraViolet copy. Forum posters report the pricing is equivalent to Walmart's, although the list of supported titles is not exactly identical. Ultraviolet's morass of logins and passwords hasn't gotten any less complicated for digital copies from different studios yet, but in this case linking your account should be relatively simple. Hit the source links to download the apps and check out a list of movies available for conversion, assuming a cloud HDX copy of 2 Fast 2 Furious for $5 is something you find appealing.

[Thanks, @Starkenator]