Evernote Food goes full circle on iOS: now on iPad along with all-new design

Evernote Food goes full circle on iOS now on iPad along with allnew design

After being quite the hit amongst iPhone and iPod touch users, the Evernote Food application was bound to make its way to the iPad at some point. The good news is that, starting today, food fanatics who are using one of Apple's renowned tablets can view the app at a much bigger size -- you know, without having to use the non-optimized version. Furthermore, Evernote has completely redesigned the app in version two-dot-oh, making it easier for iOS users to clip and save recipes thanks to the new "My Cookbook" feature, as well as help keep track of recently visited restaurants without ever having to step out of the session. Of course, given that it's Evernote's bread and butter, there are also plenty of improvements to the current pairing options, including a "Sync Now" that allows you to sync at any time and a "Sync on WiFi-only" alternative in case you want to keep data usage to a minimum. Those interested in checking out the new Evernote Food can hit the source link below, but just be prepared to instantly develop an appetite.