Polaroid CEO: Android-powered interchangeable-lens camera will launch at CES

It looks like that Russian Polaroid social media advert may not be far-fetched, after all. In an email to Imaging Resource, Polaroid CEO Scott Hardy confirmed that "there will be an Android-powered, interchangeable-lens camera introduced by Polaroid at CES 2013." He didn't elaborate on specs, pricing or availability, but the earlier leak lists an 18-megapixel sensor, 3.5-inch touchscreen, 10-30mm lens and built-in WiFi -- all of which seem like reasonable inclusions for an entry-level mirrorless camera. The company's chief executive added that specifications would be confirmed at CES, at which point we'd also hope to see the new compact ILC in the flesh. The practicality of an Android-powered mirrorless model remains up for debate, but curious early adopters eager to open their wallets may now have but weeks to wait to add the world's first such device to their camera collection.