Rockmelt social browser comes to iPhone, Android version still in development

When we heard Rockmelt was going to announce some news about its social browser becoming available to lots more people, we assumed that meant the Android version was finally ready. Not quite: turns out the company was just referring to iPhone users. Indeed, the startup just announced an iPhone version of its news aggregator, which should go nicely with the iPad app that launched back in October. Like the iPad version, it presents articles as endlessly scrollable tiles, not unlike the way your Facebook timeline is laid out. Similar to Facebook, too, you can use so-called emoticodes to like things or indicate other profound human responses, such as "hmm" or "WTF?" Other than that, there's not much to it: swipe left to close out of a story; swipe right to save it as a bookmark. It's available for free in the App Store now; no ETA on that Android version, but we're told the company is actively toiling away on it.