Animoog 2.0 for iPad helps you crank out hits with accelerometer-controlled modulation

Building up your beat lab's equipment arsenal to finish up production on that 80s-themed mix-tape that you've been working on? Then you might want to check out Animoog 2.0 for iPad. Loaded with a smorgasbord of abilities, the updated synthesizer app adds features like scale lock and a note hold button that allows you to maintain tones between presets. Users also gain accelerometer-controlled sound modulation and a free ($5 after December 31st) in-app four-track recorder that lets you sample, edit and loop music from your iTunes library. Plus, in order to spread some holiday cheer, Moog has slashed the app's price in half to just $15 for the remainder of the year. We could go on about Animoog's new bells and whistles, but it's best to hear them for yourself in the video after the break.