Google trials shipping, flight and event tracking in search results

It's not quite Google Now in your browser, but the latest search experiment from the internet giant certainly blurs the line between its mobile personal assistant and its desktop search product. The company has been testing showing Gmail-based results in your search sidebar for months, but now it's actually parsing those snippets for relevant information. If you opt in to the trial, simply searching for "my orders" will spit out a history of your recent purchases along with tracking info. You'll get similar cards (yep, cards, just like in Now) if you search for "my events," "my flights," "my hotel reservations," or "my restaurant reservations." Slowly but surely Google is becoming not just a way to search the web, but an indispensable way to track all of the disparate chunks of information that make up your daily life. To sign up for the field trial hit up the source link.