Media Center Remote for Windows 8 controls 7MC PCs, Extenders via WiFi

Microsoft hasn't provided much in the way of Media Center enhancements as a part of its upgrade to Windows 8, but this app lets those PCs, tablets and everything in between control Windows 7 Media Center computers and extenders. Coming from the developer of the Kinect for Media Center app we saw earlier this year, Media Center Remote for Windows 8 is compatible with ARM / Windows RT devices and can control playback, as well as browse libraries of music, pictures and videos. It's all done in the Windows 8 UI style, of course, so how much you love the look will apply here. It's not free, with a pricetag of $4.99 (also requires the installation of a free command listener app on your Media Center PC) and at the moment will only control PCs running Windows 7, although a backend update that will enable support for WMC on Windows 8 is on the way.