Back to the Future DeLorean reaches Lego form in mid-2013, likely won't reach 88MPH (video)

Back to the Future DeLorean reaches Lego form in mid2013, probably won't reach 88MPH video

Team BTTF has been pushing for months to get a Lego rendition of Back to the Future's AMC DeLorean as an official kit. Persistence pays off: Lego's Summer Review has approved the two-person group's project as its next Cuusoo set, both for its realistically affordable design and in response to the "massive appeal" fostered when geek culture took notice. While we don't know how closely the design will follow the templates created by M. Togami and Sakuretsu, it's safe to say there will be a brick-based (and sadly non-functional) Mr. Fusion in the mix. We'll have to wait until mid-2013 to buy a set for ourselves; that's arguably early when Back to the Future II won't take place for another two years.