Huawei Ascend D2 reportedly spied while switched on, teases an upscale look

Huawei has already confirmed that we're going to see its extra-large Ascend D2 at CES, but that doesn't mean a sneak peek is unwelcome. ITHome is more than willing to sate our curiosity with a set of photos that purportedly show a fully functional version of the 5-inch smartphone. In a sense, we know what to expect from the software: the D2 appears to be using the same customized Android layer as the even larger Ascend Mate, just without that fifth column of icons. The shots do, however, suggest that Huawei is going for a design as premium-looking on the outside as it is high-powered on the inside. Not much else is known, but we'll likely understand Huawei's fuller ambitions in Las Vegas next month.

Update: Our brethren over at Engadget Chinese also received the same batch of photos, and they sure look legit.