Hailrazer stuffs a Nintendo 64 into a GameCube GameBoy Player (video)

Hailrazer is clearly a fan of the Nintendo 64 and GameCube, but his projects have kept the systems as separate beasts. Until now, that is. His latest mod puts a Nintendo 64 into a GameCube's GameBoy Player add-on, linking the audio, power and video to those of the more modern system. Gamers just have to plug in relevant controllers and flip a switch to play whichever console best triggers a nostalgia trip. About the only setback is the absence of space for a proper Nintendo 64 cartridge slot, which effectively mandates using a not-quite-above-board storage format instead. Given that the two-in-one console is strictly a personal labor of love, it's still quite the achievement -- and it guarantees that Hailrazer's inner circle won't have to travel far for a trip down memory lane.

[Thanks, Jon]