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Bracketron GreenZero chargers keep vampires from sucking your power

Brad Molen

Only you can prevent vampire power: when gadgets are left plugged into a wall outlet, most chargers still unnecessarily suck up a fair amount of juice, a wasteful and inefficient process. To save on your electric bill and leave some extra energy for everybody else, Bracketron's introduced a new lineup of eco-friendly chargers that keep those nasty vampires away by detecting when a device is at full charge and shutting off the incoming power. The Mushroom GreenZero charger won't start doing its thing until you push the large green button (seen above) with your hand or foot; the Stone GreenZero ultimately does the same thing but in a more travel-friendly package. Lastly, the Stone Battery is an external 1,000mAh power source that also shuts off once the device is fully charged. All of the options are compatible with iPhones and devices with micro-USB ports. This isn't anything we haven't seen before, but we always welcome healthy competition in this field. All of the products will be ready for distribution to retailers by March 2012. Instead of siding with Team Edward or Jacob, how about coming together and joining Team Green? Check out the presser for the details.

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Innovative chargers and batteries with GreenZero Technology – the most eco-friendly and efficient way to charge Android, iPhone and other mobile devices – to be showcased at CES 2012 in Las Vegas

Minneapolis, MN – January 3, 2012– Bracketron, a leader in consumer electronics accessories, announces its new lineup of stylish and eco-friendly mobile device chargers and batteries that feature GreenZero Technology. This exclusive technology is the most eco-friendly and efficient way to charge mobile devices and totally eliminates wasteful stand-by consumption, also known as vampire power, which other chargers consume when they are left plugged into power outlets.

Bracketron's GreenZero chargers detect when your device is fully charged or unplugged, and then automatically shut off. The chargers then consume zero idle power to save energy, while also lengthening the life of your device battery by limiting top-off charging time. Bracketron's mobile device chargers make it easy to get rid of standby consumption, so that you no longer need to worry about unplugging your chargers or switching off a power strip to save energy. The travel-friendly chargers also save energy while charging your devices through their incredibly efficient GreenZero technology.

Bracketron's GreenZero product lineup includes the Mushroom GreenZero and Stone GreenZero wall chargers for mobile devices, and the Stone Battery, a mini portable power supply that is available for both iPhone and microUSB-connected mobile devices. The GreenZero chargers and battery will be unveiled at the International CES 2012, North Hall Booth 6228, Jan. 10-13, in Las Vegas. Bracketron's GreenZero line will be available at retailers nationwide in March 2012.

GreenZero Chargers
The Mushroom GreenZero is the most ergonomic charger of the lineup. The Mushroom immediately starts charging when connected to a device with low battery levels by simply pressing the "mushroom" button with your hand or foot. When the device is fully charged or unplugged, the charger will automatically shut off to save energy and your battery. The charger's green technology allows for zero standby energy consumption.

The lightweight Mushroom GreenZero has a very compact design and an integrated cable reel that makes it ideal for travel and portable use. The glossy white and green wall charger is available in three models – one for USB-connected portable devices such as tablets, cameras, and cellphones; another with an embedded microUSB cable for Android and other smartphones; and a third model that includes an Apple 30 pin cable for iDevices. With pricing from $24.95 to $29.28, all models of the Mushroom GreenZero are available at

The Stone GreenZero is a wall charger that is compatible with USB mobile electronic devices. The small, travel-friendly charger features a foldable, snag-free design so that it can be easily carried in a purse or bag. The Stone GreenZero starts charging with the press of its green button and automatically shuts off with zero idle power once your device is fully charged or unplugged. The efficient Stone GreenZero is available for only $22.56 at

Mini Batteries
Bracketron's Stone Battery is a stylish mini portable power supply that allows you to power up your mobile device on-the-go. The pocket-sized Stone Battery can be used with mobile devices that are paired with or without a protective case. The 1000mAmp battery includes an LED indicator that lets you know when the stone is fully charged, and will recharge mobile devices for up to three hours. Once your device is fully charged, the Stone Battery automatically shuts off. Two models of the Stone Battery are available – one with an embedded cable for microUSB devices and another with an Apple 30 pin cable for iPhone, iPod and iPod Touch.

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