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God of War PSP studio readying next-gen third-person action title


After declaring themselves as officially done with God of War PSP games, and even going as far as to announce a "story driven action-adventure game based on original IP" back in late 2010, Ready at Dawn staffers promptly revealed they were ... creating a PlayStation 3 port of their previously PSP-exclusive God of War titles. Not quite what we were expecting!

If recent job listings are any indication, though, it looks like Ready at Dawn is still working on that original IP -- but now, the game is also headed to a "next-generation home console game system." Eurogamer spotted listings for a variety of jobs on Ready at Dawn's job page, seeking experienced professionals in a variety of disciplines, from concept artists to a graphics programmer to a senior level designer. Little information can be gleaned from the listings beyond the general project, but we've reached out to Ready at Dawn for more info.

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