Another New Year, another iOS glitch: Do Not Disturb issues hit iOS 6 users

Another New Year, another iOS glitch

Just like clockwork, so to speak, the New Year brings new and interesting iOS hiccups. Apple's Do Not Disturb feature is going the extra mile: it's not disturbing, even after it's set to turn itself off.

iOS users are reporting the issue through several Apple forums today. You can tell if you have the problem because the little crescent moon icon will still be visible even after the time DND has been set to turn itself off. I noticed the problem on both my iPad and iPhone running iOS 6.

Alarms that have been set will still go off, according to reports. It's a less nasty problem than some of the other New Year's bugs from Apple, but it is sure to irritate a lot of people. I'd expect a fix from Apple real soon now. Meanwhile, it would be a good idea to turn Do Not Disturb off until the issues are sorted out.