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GoodTimes for Mac lets you create sophisticated photo collages

Update: The GoodTimes app is actually normally priced at $19.99, but was on sale during the holidays for $9.99. Our apologies for the mixup.

GoodTimes is a US$40 OS X app (on sale for $19.99 as of this writing) US$19.99 app that creates unique photo collages without requiring any deep computer skills on the part of the user. The app is template driven, and contains 30 templates, plus 130 objects to insert and manipulate, 30 backgrounds and 25 frames. Frame sizes can be manipulated, along with color and textures. Themes include things like vacations, parties, families and love.

The app contains spoken and graphic tutorials, but really, GoodTimes is easy to figure out because tool tips are available for most controls.

Your finished collage can be shared with Twitter, Facebook, Flickr and email, as well as Mountain Lion sharing.


I found the app easy to use, and was able to create some very nice collages that would have been tricky in a high-end photo editor like Photoshop. If you run out of templates, you can create your own, but that takes some skill. I tried using the app on some landscape photos, and the results looked nice.

My only gripe is the app's high price of $40 $20. While Mac apps often sell for more than the iOS variety, I don't think this is the kind of app a person will constantly use. Still, GoodTimes proved to be reliable, and the output was quite attractive. There are enough options so that you can fiddle with a theme and make it unique. If you are wanting simpler collages at a lower price, take a look at Diptic, which is now available for OS X for $0.99.

GoodTimes is a 593 MB download due to all the high-quality picture elements, and it requires OS X 10.7 or later. Check the gallery for some screen shots I grabbed while working with the app.