iHome promises Lightning docks, more at CES 2013

iHome, one of many companies that puts together third-party products for Apple devices, has just revealed its CES lineup, and the most exciting thing about them is that they are, finally, Lightning-equipped. Yes, the company has quite a few docks and boomboxes available for sale, from $100 to $200 or so, and while the specifics aren't all that exciting (they all play music, of course, and have various options available for FM or Bluetooth connections), the biggest deal here is the Lightning connection.

I have a feeling (though it's pretty obvious, given the timing here) that Lightning will be a big trend at CES next week. TUAW will be at CES as well, looking through all of the various iPhone and iPad accessories getting announced to show up in 2013, and I wouldn't be surprised if nearly every new device we see was either built for both the 30-pin connector and the Lightning hookup, or just the Lightning. Apple's clearly moved on, and CES seems like the perfect time for third-party accessory makers to do the same.

So stay tuned. As I said, TUAW will be out and about all week at CES 2013 in Las Vegas starting next Sunday, and odds are that we'll see plenty of these docks, as well as chargers and lots of other fun accessories, built specifically for Apple's Lightning standard. If you've been waiting to find some good accessories for your brand-new iPhone or iPad, you're in luck.