Razer releases $130 Orbweaver for single-pawed, mechanical PC gaming (video)

Belkin made gamer's hearts flutter with the original N52te speedpad, which Razer took over a couple of years ago and developed into the Nostromo. Now, that peripheral-maker has taken the concept to a new level (and price) with the $130 gadget-tastic Orbweaver gaming keypad. Each of the 20 mechanical keys is programmable with unlimited-length macros, and produces a tactile click when actuated with 2mm travel / 50g of force -- all in the service of max speed to give gamers the drop on foes, according to Razer. Also provided is an eight-way directional thumbpad along with adjustable hand, thumb and palm-rest modules, plus Razer Synapse 2.0 software for re-binding buttons and assigning macros. It's available now for Windows or OS X, so if you're looking for a way to get that tricky drop, roll and fire combo into a single, satisfying click, check the source.

[Thanks, Arjun]