RuneScape turns 12, releases gaudy statistics

RuneScape screenshot

Take a moment and think back to what you were doing on January 4, 2001. Kinda hard to recall isn't it? We bet that a few of you were playing a new MMO called RuneScape, though, and if you were, well, congratulations on being an MMO nerd before being an MMO nerd was cool.

Jagex's browser title turns 12 years old today, and the company has queued up a list of impressive statistics that include more than 486 million hours of gaming achieved by RuneScape players in 2012. Those players killed each other over 3.2 billion times, too. Jagex also says that the game passed the 200 million account mark last July.

Today's press release isn't all about gaudy numbers, though. Updates for 2013 will include a Grandmaster-level quest, Wilderness Warbands, Construction skill revamps, an improved grouping system, and a customizable UI. Finally, Jagex is running a number of events this month as part of its birthday celebration.

[Source: Jagex press release]