Dexim's Music Talking Stylus writes, rocks and listens

Brian Heater
B. Heater|01.07.13

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Dexim's Music Talking Stylus writes, rocks and listens

Styli? Boring. Sure you can draw and write with the things, but what happens when you want to rock? Reach for Dexim's Music Talking Stylus, naturally. The pen input device communicates via Bluetooth to your smartphone or tablet, letting you use it to wirelessly listen to music or talk to your pals. The stylus has a built-in volume button and vibration functionality. There's a headphone jack on one end and when you remove the rubber nub, you gain access to its microUSB port for charging when its five-hours of battery life run down.

If you're so inclined to purchase such a thing, it'll run you around $80 when it drops in Q2.

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