Griffin launches PowerDock 5 multi-device charging platform and ChargeSensor adapters

Griffin launches PowerDock 5 multidevice charging platform and ChargeSensor adapters

Given how many of us have more than one device, it's rare to see gear that really cares for our increasingly large gadget collections. Griffin's solution is to produce the PowerDock 5, a USB-device toast-rack that can replenish the energy of up to five iPads simultaneously. It's priced at $100 and will be available in Spring.

At the same time, the company is putting out a new PowerBlock plug adapter and PowerJolt car charger with Griffin's ChargeSensor technology, which identifies the power needs of your device and meters out energy accordingly. Both will be available in the spring, the PowerBlock setting you back $30 and the PowerJolt costing $25.

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Griffin Rolls Out New Power Accessories at CES 2013

Mobile power solutions will be showcased by Griffin in LVCC North Hall, Booth 5212 at CES 2013 in Las Vegas

Las Vegas, NV - January 6, 2013 - Griffin Technology, one of the world's foremost creators of innovations for everyday life, is showcasing its new power lineup at the 2013 Consumer Electronics Show. The lineup includes a solution for storing and charging up to five iPads simultaneously, as well as two new smart chargers for the home and car.

PowerDock 5 is the ultimate space-saving, countertop charging and storage solution for up to 5 iPads. Designed for convenience and efficiency, PowerDock 5 contains five charging bays large enough to accommodate an iPad encased in even the largest of cases, including Griffin's own Survivor case. When not in use, PowerDock 5 keeps all the users' device cables tucked away and organized, ready for use at any time. PowerDock 5, $99.99, is ideal for multiple-iPad households and work environments and will be available Spring 2013.

Griffin also introduces a solution to a little-known problem. All mobile devices have specific charging profiles that dictate how much, and how quickly, they can charge. Most chargers are designed with a one-size-fits-all approach which typically does not support the requirements of each individual device. Griffin's new ChargeSensor technology senses the requirements of any device plugged into it, providing optimal charging for all USB-chargeable devices. Griffin introduces two new power solutions for Apple, Samsung, Android and Kindle devices, complete with Charge Sensor technology: PowerBlock Universal and PowerJolt Universal.

PowerBlock Universal with ChargeSensor features a low profile design for plugging into power strips and plugs. Plugged into any AC power source from 100 to 240 volts, PowerBlock converts it to safe, efficient 10 watt charging for smartphones, tablets, and e-readers.

PowerJolt Universal with ChargeSensor sports a low profile plug for the car's 12 volt accessory outlet and a powerful 10 watt charging circuit to charge mobile devices quickly and safely. An LED power indicator glows to signal that the device is ready to charge, and its internal SmartFuse protects against power fluctuations as it charges with a built-in circuit breaker, and no fuses to replace.

Griffin's new ChargeSensor PowerBlock, $29.99, and PowerJolt, $24.99, will be available Spring 2013. Griffin Technology's 2013 line-up will be on display at CES 2013 in the LVCC North Hall, at Booth 5212.