Withings new flagship Smart Body Analyzer scale now measures air quality, heart rate (update: hands-on video)

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Withings new flagship Smart Body Analyzer scale now measures air quality, heart rate (update: hands-on video)

Now that Withings has added a "low-end" model to its connected-scale pantheon, it's time for the flagship model to get a refresh. The company's latest Smart Body Analyzer may look like its predecessor, but now comes with heart rate and air quality monitoring sensors to make sure you're getting enough oxygen. As before, the data is then pumped over WiFi to Withings' website and mobile app, which can be shared as far as your dignity allows. Priced at $150, it'll be arriving at some point in Q1, at which point we can validate our paranoid fantasies about airflow.

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So, we've now been able to spend some time with the Smart Body Analyzer and, from a hardware perspective, it's exactly the same smart scale that we know and love. What's different is the aforementioned resting heart rate monitor and C02 analyzer that's built into the platform. The company intends for you to use the scale in your bedroom (rather than, say, your bathroom) and so hopes that the measurements can determine if you're getting enough oxygen when you sleep. Despite the additional demands on its battery, the company promises that it'll still last for a full year on a single set of four AAA cells.

The arrival of the Smart Body Analyzer does spell the end for the company's Connected Body Scale. Withings has decided to adopt a "better and best" strategy, so the existing flagship will disappear from the market in order to make way for its replacement. As we've already said, it'll be available by Q1 and will set you back $150.

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