Withings revamps its WiFi bathroom scales, orders you to stop slouching

Withings has introduced a new set of wireless bathroom scales to spare us sedentary geeks the effort of recording our weekly weigh-ins. The updated set includes Position Control technology, which we assume means it tells you to stand up straight and suck your belly in while it's sending your details to the internet. All you need is a smartphone or tablet that can use its new Health Companion App. which came out earlier this month. It arrives in Europe at the end of September, and equipping yourself for a war on weight will cost you €120.

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The Next Generation of Withings Internet-Connected Scales: Monitoring your weight has never been so fun and easy!

At IFA 2012, Withings is ushering in its next generation of Internet-connected bathroom scales with the Wireless Scale WS-30. This scale combines Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity to offer a seamless, PC-free experience, from install stage to everyday use. This gem of simplicity features the latest Withings technology to provide people with an ultra-intuitive experience. The scale instantly recognizes individual users and gives them access to exclusive Withings services in order to take control of their weight anywhere, anytime, using the new Withings Health Companion app.

With its enhanced connectivity, including Bluetooth and WiFi, the new Withings Wireless Scale adapts to your lifestyle and connects automatically, whether you keep it at home or take it with you on holiday – you don't even require a PC to set up the scale, just a smartphone or tablet with Bluetooth.

Cédric Hutchings, Co-Founder of Withings says: "With Wireless Scale, we have simplified even further the way people automatically assess how fit they are. Now anyone can enjoy the benefits of self-measurement in a really simple way without worrying about connectivity."

This new smart bathroom scale, set at an affordable price point, is designed to popularize access to connected well-being. It features Withings Position Control™ technology, which offers visual feedback for users to properly position themselves for high-accuracy weighing. The scale provides an easy and secure access to weight and BMI data through the new free Withings Health Companion app, which comes rich with features such as goal setting and coaching services. Weight graphs are generated automatically and accessible whenever people need them, enabling all users to easily control the evolution of their body mass, to stay motivated and ensure they stay in shape.

Simple to use, all you need to do is step on it and the measurements are automatically recorded and made available in your personal account as graphs and tables. This scale is suitable for the whole family and can keep track of up to eight different profiles. You can keep your data private or share it seamlessly with a doctor or a sports coach for example.

In addition to the exclusive Withings services, users can take advantage of 60+ partner apps and services compatible with Withings products.

Wireless Scale WS-30 will be available in late September 2012 in Europe from Recommended retail price : €119.95.