Canon PowerShot N hands-on (video)

What's square and rounded with white all over? That'd be Canon's new PowerShot N -- a point-and-shoot that can be held in any which way. At first glance, it's a bit of a strange proposition -- the camera's square shape is admittedly a bit bizarre, and it does't look like it'd be terribly comfortable to use. So, did Canon get it all wrong with the boxy N? Not exactly. It's surely not going to be a first choice for everyone, but we do see what the device's design team was thinking here. The idea is that you can hold the camera any way you like, thanks to a shutter release and zoom trigger positioned around the lens itself. So, if you want to flip it upside down, that's perfectly fine. In fact, doing so will let you take advantage of the 2.8-inch flip-up LCD in order to snag some overhead shots, while keeping it in a more traditional orientation will enable below-the-waist captures.

The camera seems a bit thick because of the small square design, but it's still compact enough to fit in a jeans pocket, or to be dangled from a wrist strap. And, because there's no shutter release at the top right corner, it's a solid fit for lefties, too. The white version we saw was incredibly glossy, and paired with the unconventional design, it's sure to attract a fair amount of attention on the streets. All in all, it's designed for fun -- the Creative Shot mode lets you add in a bit of color, while the built-in WiFi and direct connect button enable instant sharing on social media sites, via your smartphone. Take a closer look in our hands-on video after the break, or you can pick one up for yourself for $300 in April.

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