CES Unveiled: The HAPIfork aims to help you track your eating habits with Bluetooth

CES Unveiled was held last night in the Mandalay Bay conference center in Las Vegas, and served as the unofficial kickoff of one of the biggest gadget shows in the world. The Unveiled room was crowded with new product demos, but one product stood out: The HAPIfork.

The HAPIfork, as you might guess from looking at it above, is a Bluetooth-enabled fork. Yes, really. The fork (and there's also a spoon version) uses a combination of sensors to measure just how much you're eating and how quickly, and then will translate those metrics to either an iOS or web app. The fork won't actually measure what you're eating (so it won't measure caloric content or fat content), but it will measure each "fork serving" you take, and it can even be set up to give you an alarm when you're eating too much or too quickly. And each app comes with a "coaching program" to help you eat more healthily (though, of course, actually listening to that coach is up to you). There are also a number of achievements to earn, so HAPIlabs has added a light gaming layer on the whole thing.

It definitely seems like a interesting idea, and if you have a real issue controlling portion sizes, this might be worth a try. HAPIlabs is bringing out a USB-based version in the second quarter of this year that will cost $99, and then the Bluetooth fork isn't due until 2014. The HAPIfork definitely turned heads at CES Unveiled, but we'll have to wait just a little while to see how much the finished version actually helps fast eaters tame their habits.

CES Unveiled The Hapifork aims to help you track your eating habits with Bluetooth