Did ASUS' Atom-based VivoTab show at the FCC with AT&T-ready LTE?

ASUS' Atom-based VivoTab has largely stayed on the sidelines while the VivoTab RT takes the limelight. The FCC may have just hinted that it's time for the non-RT model to shine with a filing showing what could be a North America-specific variant. The absence of RT labeling across the descriptions is the main clue that there might be Intel Inside, although the slate on show clearly isn't a pedestrian WiFi model -- there's four-band LTE inside, including an AT&T-specific 700MHz frequency and AWS bands that would support both AT&T and Canadian carriers. There's no guarantee that Big Blue will carry the Windows 8 tablet, especially not when it's already offering the Windows RT version, but those craving both LTE and full-on app compatibility could be satisfied in short order.