Hisense XT780 3D Smart TV with Google TV at CES 2013, we go eyes-on

Hisense has barely made the news official, but here at its CES 2013 press event, we were able to glimpse its latest Google TV effort, the XT780 3D Smart TV with Google TV. The sleek set, to be offered in both 65- and 55-inch models, features a 7.9mm bezel and arrives with a chip on its shoulder: it received the CEA Innovations Honoree Award. It's also paired with that same uniquely contoured remote we saw back at IFA. In fact, the dual-sided controller's folded over shape bears a distant similarity to the magazine fold of the Xperia Tablet S. On the remote's back is a full QWERTY keyboard for search queries, but despite its broad layout, you'll likely be thumbing this much as you would a smartphone. Flip it around, and users will be presented with a trackpad that sits between dedicated buttons for Netflix, guide, voice navigation, home button, in addition to an option to toggle 3D.

From what we can see on the idle 65-inch set at this presser, the internet connected XT780's homescreen loads up with a shelf on the upper right, playing host to YouTube, Netflix and HiMedia apps, with a list of frequently used applications (all available from Google Play) just below. Taking up space on the screen's lower half is a bar arranged with shortcuts for Home, settings, Chrome browser, Google Play and Search. It's not the freshest innovation to come from Hisense -- for that you'll have to stay tuned to this week's showfloor coverage.

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