Kanex launches $99 meDrive, a private cloud for your iOS device

Kanex might be typecast as a mere maker of display cables, but that doesn't mean it's not capable of belting out the odd line of Shakespeare. Its latest "challenging" role is the meDrive, a device that creates a private cloud to bounce files between your iOS and desktop devices. With its WebDAV support, it'll let you bounce iWork documents on your private network, and, if you open up port 80, will also let you access it on the go. Simply plug the box into your router, and Bonjour's auto-discovery support will handle the rest from the free app. You can also hot-swap USB storage of any size into the dedicated port, or even add in a hub for even more space. Put money in thy purse tonight, as it'll cost you $99 when it goes on sale right... now.

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Kanex unveils meDrive: a file server for iOS devices that expands storage and provides a secure local cloud

LAS VEGAS, NV – January 8, 2013 – Kanex®, a leader of innovative Apple® and iOS connectivity solutions for homes and businesses worldwide, today announced meDrive™, a file server that turns USB storage into a network drive and can be accessed from an iPad®, iPhone®, iPod Touch® or Mac + PC

Kanex meDrive is a file server for iOS devices that allows you to expand storage and create your own local cloud using external USB storage for easy access or sharing. meDrive is connected to a local network, so it's always on; which makes files, media and other documents always accessible. iOS file management is available through the Kanex meDrive app, which is available at no cost at the Apple App Store. There are no extra service fees and users can have the peace of mind of private local storage. Users can also hot -swap in other USB storage drives to expand their storage needs. Mac + PC users will also find it easy to connect and manage files through OS X Finder® and Windows® Explorer.

"What makes the meDrive file server unique is that it has built-in WebDAV and Bonjour support which enables iOS devices to easily connect to the drive and read/write, access and share Apple iWork files such as Keynote, Pages, and Numbers," said, Kelvin Yan, Kanex president. "meDrive basically becomes your WebDAV server for your iPad. And because it's connected to a network, any other devices can connect, share and access files on the drive including OS X and Windows."

Users of Keynote®, Pages® and Numbers® will find this device ideal for local file sharing with its built-in WebDAV support. Users can save iWork files directly to meDrive for local access and sharing.

Ideal for Educators, Home and Office Users

meDrive helps educators, home users and office workers to get more out of their iPad. For example, meDrive provides a simple solution for teachers to receive student assignments in the classroom done on the iPad. It also helps reduce internet bandwidth bottle neck, provides an alternative to cloud-based storage and gives users peace of mind for having local private storage with no monthly service fees.

"The Kanex meDrive is an elegant alternative to Dropbox, Edmodo, Evernote and other cloud based storage solutions," said Robert Craven, director of technology and media services, Fullerton School District. "Easy enough for a classroom teacher to set up, the meDrive provides our teachers a rapid method to share files with students on iOS devices or computers, as well as to collect work back from students in a flash. meDrive is the new must have device in our mobile classrooms."

Home and office users can use meDrive as a way to expand storage for their iPad or iPhone or to share documents or media with other devices on the network including Macs and PCs.

meDrive delivers productivity in conference and meeting rooms by enabling users to share and present documents using the iPad. meDrive also is a great solution for local private storage amongst departments or work groups.

meDrive File Manager App

The meDrive app is a file manager software tool designed to work with the meDrive file server so users can easily manage all their folders, files and media as well expand the storage of their iOS devices to a local drive. File management can also be done through other apps that support WebDAV or SMB file protocol. The meDrive app is available at no cost at the Apple App Store.

The meDrive app also features:

Bonjour auto discovery of Kanex meDrive file server for easy setup

Download, move files between remote and local storage

Add folder, Import photos/video from camera roll

Export a file with "OpenIn" feature.

Import file attachments from Mail with "OpenIn"

Sort files by name, type, date or size

Zip and Unzip files

Pricing and Availability:

meDrive is immediately available for $99 MSRP at leading retail and online retailers including our website: