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NEC shows off a super-thin, 12.8mm thick Ultrabook, we go hands-on

Just after wrapping up its CES 2013 press conference, Intel showed off two Ultrabooks: one that's just a concept, and one that you can actually buy. What you see in that photo up there is the NEC LaVie X, the follow-up to last year's NEC LaVie Z. It's a 15-inch Ultrabook that measures just 12.8mm thick. We realize you might be desensitized to such specs at this point, so here's a little context: that's almost two millimeters thinner than the 15-inch Samsung Series 9, which already seemed impossibly skinny at 14.7mm. Other specs include a 1080p display and Haswell processor, though the machine we saw wasn't powered on, so we could only play with the keyboard and see what it felt like to hold the laptop in one hand. Unless you're reading this in Japan, you probably won't ever have the chance to purchase it, but hopefully this isn't the last time we see a 14-millimeter-thick laptop on this side of the Pacific.

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