Almond+ WiFi router coming to Kickstarter: touchscreen, 802.11ac, home automation

Securifi isn't your average Kickstarter outfit. It already has one Almond wireless touchscreen router under its belt, currently sold at Amazon, and now it's about to bid for crowdfunding to build a sequel: the Almond+. The new device will incorporate a 2.8-inch 320 x 240 touchscreen for PC-free setup, dual band 802.11ac for speeds of up to 1,167Mbps, plus an integrated Smart Home hub that works with the slightly esoteric Zigbee and Z-Wave protocols. In conjunction with the iOS and Android app, this would let you access regular home automation tasks from anywhere, including security alerts and heating and lighting control. We'll see more of it when the project launches at Kickstarter, at which point it'll have a $250,000 funding goal.

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Securifi Almond+ 802.11ac Wireless Smart Router Aims To Revolutionize
The Smart Home Era

Only $99, First-of-its-Kind Product to be Unveiled at the 2013 International CES
with Kickstarter Campaign to Start Soon

(Las Vegas, NV) – January 8, 2012 – Securifi today introduced the world to Almond+, the first color touchscreen Wireless Router featuring an integrated Smart Home hub. This amazing device not only delivers blazing fast wireless connectivity via dual band 802.11ac wireless technology, but also adds the compelling features of home automation to its list of capabilities. The Securifi team, which is pleased to announce it will be showing Almond+ to the public for the first time at the 2013 International CES in Las Vegas, NV – (Jan 8-11, 2003, booth # 74109, Eureka Park Tech Zone, Venetian Hotel & Casino), is also close to launching a Kickstarter campaign for support to perfect and launch the product.

The latest break-through product from Securifi, Almond+ builds off of the success of its predecessor, the Almond Wireless Router, which consumers voted the "#1 Best Rated Wireless Router" on

Featuring Plug-N-Play connectivity and an easy-to-use color touch screen (2.8″, 320 x 240) interface that allows users to setup without the need of a PC, Mac or CD, users can access the internet in seconds. And, its patent pending design is not only elegant but also highly functional with its unique shape and small footprint. When mounted on the wall, its innovative recessed connectors hide all cables so there is no visible clutter.

One of the fastest routers (1,167Mbps) on the planet, Almond+ is also a highly capable Smart Home hub integrated with Zigbee and Z-Wave technologies for the ultimate in home automation. And, thanks to the emergence of always-connected Smartphones and the App market, Almond+ features both an iOS and an Android App that allows users to access and control the device from anywhere. Right out of the box, Almond+ supports hundreds of existing sensors in the market - it's truly the first touchscreen Wireless Router for the Smart Home era!

Some great examples of how the Almond+ Smart Home hub can be used include:

- Save Money: Turn on/off heating in the house from work.
- Protect your Home: Receive a notification if a door or window is opened so you know when someone enters
your house.
- Energy Efficient: Control the lights at home by turning them on/off remotely from your smartphone.

"We are creating a revolutionary new wireless router that is simple to use, features the fastest possible connectivity speeds and delivers the ultimate home automation experience to help make people's lives easier and their world a smarter place," said Rammohan Malasani, founder & CEO, Securifi. "Ever since the introduction of Wi-Fi more than a decade ago, the way most of us interact with this technology hasn't changed much at all. We are confident that the market is ready and we are looking to backers on Kickstarter to help us bring this exciting new product to market and share in our success."

Malasani continued: "Many people still find Wi-Fi and wireless routers intimidating to setup and manage. And, this is in spite of the fact that some of the largest names in technology such as Apple, Cisco, Netgear, etc. have been actively making such routers for over a decade. From our past success with Almond, we know there is a large demand for something that truly meets the needs of the consumer."

The Kickstarter campaign will be dedicated to funding Almond+ for the final production, marketing and promotion of the product, including international versions compatible with power plugs in the UK, Europe, Japan & Australia. The campaign funding goal is $250,000 USD.