Intel's Perceptual Computing demonstrations hands-on (video)

We've just spent time with Intel's Mooly Eden, who is spearheading the chip maker's push into what it's calling "perceptual computing," which is using natural and intuitive interactions to control your PC. The company has partnered with Creative on a Kinect-esque 3D depth-camera that can be used to control applications and play games, do faux-green screen broadcasting and collaborate with colleagues. While Microsoft's motion-tracker is designed to encompass a whole room, Intel's has a shallower depth of field that's more suited for close-up work. We got to play with the company's demos away from the noise of the show floor, as well as playing a gesture-based version of Portal 2 by Sixsense that's shorn of the controllers that Eden used to demonstrate it in 2011. Interested in seeing what's likely to appear in what the company promises is the very near future? Head on down past the break.