Ion Audio shows off its latest offerings, including the AirCopy and the iDJ2Go, at CES 2013

Ion Audio has a booth set up as usual on the floor of this year's International CES, where it is showing off a number of new and fairly new products for anyone coming to see them. This company is one of our favorites -- they make some really excellent iOS accessories and fun devices (including the very popular iCade line and the All Star Guitar) and we were very excited to see what 2013 would bring.

Fortunately, Ion didn't disappoint. The most impressive accessories in the booth were probably from the iDJ 2 Go line. The 30-pin version of Ion's DJ controller (as seen above) is already available, and it provides a great physical interface for either the company's official iDJ2Go app, or Algoriddim's great djay app. There's a new Lightning version of the iDJ2Go board coming this spring, too, so if you have an iPad mini or an iPhone 5 you want to use it on, you can do that.

Ion was also showing off its Scratch2Go accessories, which are a set of capacitive touch-based accessories (including a few sliders, and some turntable knobs), which can sit right on your iPad's screen and allow for more physical controls while using these DJ apps. The Scratch2Go kit makes for a little more crazier contraption (you literally stick the knobs and sliders onto your iPad's screen with suction cups), but at US$39, it's a relatively cheap and easy way to set yourself up with real physical DJ controls.

Elsewhere in the booth, Ion was also showing off its Bluetooth speakers. The Party Rocker was an interesting bit of fun -- it's a speaker with a spinning light on top that's designed to make any parties you play music at a little livelier. But the Job Rocker Pro was probably the most impressive speaker in Ion's arsenal: It's a completely wooden speaker that's got all of the bells and whistles you can think of, from an AM/FM tuner to plenty of USB auxiliary plugins, a mobile battery for 50 hours of off-cord life, and even two AC power plugs on the side for charging or using anything else you happen to have around. The Job Rocker Pro was seriously impressive -- I don't know if you'd need a speaker on a work site, but if you do, this $299 model would be all you need.

Finally, Ion also showed us the AirCopy, which isn't related to audio at all: Instead, it's a WiFi based scanner that can transmit any photos or documents wirelessly over to your iPad or any other iOS device. This scanner actually runs its own WiFi network wherever you set it up, which means all you have to do is connect the iOS device to its network once it's up and running, and then anything you send in through the slot on the wireless scanner will get automatically uploaded to the iOS device's photo library. From there, you can push it out to any other apps, running optical recognition, photo processing or any other tasks on it as needed.

It's all very impressive -- you get a real-time view of the photo coming in as it scans, and the quality looks very excellent. The AirCopy will be available for $149 when it comes out this spring, and we'll keep an eye out for it to run a full hands-on.

Ion always brings some fascinating gadgets to show off at CES, and this year was no exception. The company's certainly got a big year ahead.