iTwin Connect turns a humble USB stick into your own VPN (video)

Passing files over the internet using iTwin's 256-bit AES encryption's all well and good, but wouldn't it be nice if you could use that connection for other things? Luckily for you, that's just what the iTwin Connect was designed to do. In addition to the usual file-sharing jiggery-pokery, the new hardware can let you surf via your domestic internet connection, control devices on your home network and play with your desktop from afar. Even better, the company is throwing in US, Asia and Europe-based VPN servers of its own, so you can still catch that episode of Duck Dynasty on Hulu if your primary machine's turned off. Despite the raft of new features on offer, the company isn't charging a regular subscription, so all of that will set you back a rather meager $130.

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iTwin Connect Provides Mobile Professionals Protected and Unrestricted Access to the Internet and to their Corporate Network

Singapore - January 8, 2013 - iTwin – the company that created the award-winning iTwin Remote File Access solution – unveils iTwin Connect to address the myriad challenges faced by today's mobile professionals. First, iTwin Connect ensures private and restriction-free browsing and secondly, it provides remote desktop access, remote file access and access to the home/office network (i.e., acting as a personal virtual private network or VPN).

iTwin Connect device consists of two identical halves. To install, simply plug the device into a USB port on the home/office PC. Detach one half of the device, which becomes the iTwin Connect "key", and carry it along. When on the go, plug this key into a laptop and a secure VPN tunnel is instantly formed to the home/office PC.

Benefits of iTwin Connect include:
 'Teleport Me': Use this feature to browse privately and without restrictions. All Internet traffic is directed through the secure VPN tunnel and the Internet is thus accessed via the home/office PC's Internet connection.
 'Teleport Me' also provides private access to the Internet through iTwin's dedicated network servers in United States, Europe or Asia/Pacific. This is useful if the home/office PC cannot be left on, and also if the browsing requires an IP locale different from that of the PC.
 Network Access: Access resources like cameras or media servers at home, or network drives and network applications at the office. Network-access (VPN) via iTwin Connect requires zero- configuration.
 Remote Desktop: Launch Windows® Remote Desktop with a single click to access applications (and their data) on the home/office PC.
 Remote File Access: Access all shared files on the home/office PC, via Windows® Explorer and from within the applications on the laptop.
 Hardware Grade Security: All data transmitted is encrypted using industrial strength AES 256 bit encryption. Every time the two halves are paired, they generate a unique crypto key that is used to generate a session key which protects all data transmitted over the Internet. iTwin Connect also provides an optional password for 2-factor authentication - it is the safest way to set up a home/office computer for remote access. Since the paired iTwin half is with the user, only he/she will possess the hardware "key" required for remote access.
 No Fees: There are no subscription fees for iTwin Connect, just a one-time payment for lifetime use of the device.
The 'Teleport Me' feature is especially beneficial for browsing from hotel networks, public WiFi hotspots, or other untrusted broadband connections. It fully prevents anyone from seeing sensitive information such as passwords or tracking browsing activity. Also 'Teleport Me' enables access to web sites which are geographically restricted outside one's home/office area. Thus - regardless of location - one can watch TV shows, check Facebook, and do anything else on the Internet one could normally do at home/office.

According to Lux Anantharaman, CEO of iTwin, "iTwin Connect addresses the challenges mobile professionals face daily. Its high security provides peace of mind, and its simplicity plus comprehensive features help get things done on the go. It is the perfect, no-compromise solution for road warriors, travelers and those that value their online privacy."

iTwin Connect is available now for $129 at and