Looxcie POV wireless cameras coming to Apple stores in Europe

Looxcie, maker of their self-titled Looxcie POV WiFi cameras, has announced a deal that will put its products in Apple stores across Europe come January 23rd. The new US$329 Looxcie HD Explore is a wearable camera that allows you to live stream whatever is right in front of your eyes. The camera wirelessly transmits what it sees to your iPhone or iPad, which then uses a Looxcie app to broadcast your video to the world.

Getting a product into brick-and-mortar Apple Stores is a huge boost for manufacturers. While the Looxcie will be available across Europe later this month, there's no word on whether it is coming to US Apple stores.

Looxcie also announced an enterprise solution called the Vidcie. The Vidcie line of wireless cameras will be aimed at security and risk management agencies and feature a more rugged design and longer battery life.