MIDI turns 30, gets year-long birthday bash from daddy

Whether you're the next Trent Reznor on a MIDI controller or simply get a warm fuzzy feeling in your tummy when hearing classic video game themes, there's no denying the impact of the Musical Instrument Digital Interface specification. Three decades after its creators decided to collaborate and listen on a brand new invention, MIDI technology is now being used by more than 700 companies in a wide range of devices ranging from electronic keyboards and drum sets to video game consoles and cell phones. To commemorate its birthday, the MIDI Manufacturers Association just kicked off its "MIDI Makes Music" 30th Anniversary campaign with a preview of the past, present and future of the technology at CES. The yearlong tribute fittingly continues later this month at the NAMM Show 2013 -- the same event where the technology was first demonstrated in 1983. For more details about the ongoing MIDI revelry, feel free to peruse the PR after the break. It doesn't have instructions on how to transform your MIDI controller into a guitar enclosure but, hey, we kind of got you covered on that one, too.

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MIDI™ Turns 30

MIDI Manufacturers Association Previews 30th Anniversary
"MIDI MAKES MUSIC" Campaign at 2013 International CES

LAS VEGAS, Nev., Jan 8, 2013-30 years ago, two competing synthesizer manufacturers engaged in a nearly unprecedented collaboration resulting in new technology that still today continues to revolutionize the music world. The MIDI Manufacturers Association (MMA) will preview its yearlong "MIDIMakes Music" 30th Anniversary celebration at 2013 International CES (Booth #5109) with a new video about the past, present and future of MIDItechnology.

Musical Instrument Digital Interface (MIDI1) is the GRAMMY®-winning2 technology that enables people to use electronic musical instruments along with computers and mobile devices to compose, record, notate, arrange, perform and learn about music. More than 700 companies produce products with MIDI technology – everything from electronic keyboards, guitars and drum sets, to video game consoles, cell phones, computers and tablets.

The "MIDI Makes Music" campaign, sponsored by a coalition of leading industry companies and organizations including, Roland, Yamaha, Gibson, Fishman, Dave Smith Instruments, Korg, Dream, Mediamation, NAMM, AES, Keyboard Magazine, Electronic Musician Magazine and Robertson Communications, is designed to educate consumers about the benefits of MIDI technology. Resources, videos, company links and more can be found at

"The story of MIDI technology is very important to tell because it's not just a proven technology, but one that has widespread support in the international consumer electronics industry and will remain a valuable technology for CE products into the future," said Tom White, president, MMA. "We are grateful to all of our sponsors, MMA Members and the millions of MIDI users and fans to help us celebrate this significant milestone."

About the MMA

The MIDI Manufacturers Association (MMA) is a non-profit organization formed in 1985 to encourage companies implementing MIDI to make their products interoperable through compliance with MMA Recommended Practices. MMA publishes the official MIDI Specification, provides education about MIDI, licenses MIDI trademarks, and promotes the use of MIDI technology for new applications and in various industries. For more information, please visit

1 The name originates from "Musical Instrument Digital Interface," but is actually pronounced "mi-dee".

2 2013 Technical GRAMMY to Dave Smith and Ikutaro Kakehashi for the invention of MIDI