Panasonic 4K OLED TV eyes-on (video)

Panasonic wasn't about to let Sony one-up it in the 4K OLED arena, and announced its own 56-inch UltraHD prototype the day after its competitor outed a very similar panel here at CES 2013. We'd never tire of the luscious combination of 4k and OLED, so we couldn't wait to high-tail it to the Panasonic booth to gaze at new screen in its full glory. As with the Sony model, it sucks you into the screen with the level of detail, brightness, ultra-dark blacks and vivid colors -- which looked accurate to our eyes, an area in which OLED can fall down. Other than that impression, there were no other technical details or specs for the prototype display, and none of the Panasonic types we spoke to had any idea either. We're not likely to see such a model on sale anytime before 2014, and when it does arrive, you'll probably need all the digits on one hand for the number of figures in the price. Check the gallery below for images, or head after the break for a short video -- which doesn't remotely do the panel justice, natch. %Gallery-175366%