Plair streams video to HDMI through WiFi, arrives this month for $99 (eyes-on)

A simple idea thoroughly executed is sometimes best, and that's what Plair is aiming for with its new, self-titled streaming video adapter. The golf wedge-shaped device grafts on to an HDMI port and receives video over WiFi from custom apps for Android, iOS, OS X and Windows. While we've certainly seen wireless device-to-TV solutions before, it's Plair's sheer diversity of sources that makes the difference: along with local content, it includes the near-obligatory internet portals like YouTube and CollegeHumor, as well as access to a deluge of video from traditional TV sources. We saw NBC intenret clips piped to a TV in remarkably good (though not broadcast) quality. The iOS app we were shown looked reasonably intuitive, to boot. Black, magenta and teal versions of the adapters should ship in late January for $99; given the diversity of material on tap, that just might be a fair price.

Michael Gorman contributed to this report.