Point brings augmented reality ads to your phone, now with interactive videos (hands-on)

This morning brings a revamped augmented reality app to the scene known as Point. Before today, the software was known as IntARact, but along with the new name, users will now find the ability to interact with videos -- a neat trick for an app that was previously limited to print ads, logos and the like. At its core, Point allows advertisers to engage their audiences by turning run-of-the-mill ads into interactive experiences. To get your toes wet with this new offering, you'll need to stumble upon a Point-enabled bit of media and have the app installed on your smartphone. The Point AR browser is available for Android, BlackBerry, iOS, Symbian and Windows Phone, which you can find by entering "Pointart" into the search field of your phone's app market. If you're curious to see a few Point-enabled sample ads, just grab the app and hit up the IntARact link below.

Update: We took Point for a spin while on the CES show floor to see just how it performs. The app eschews QR codes for pre-selected images, which are identified by the server side of the service, and places everything from 3D models to pictures onto them. We've often seen AR solutions that make 3D models and images wobble on screen, but Point had a good handle on stability.

Not only can Point do its thing with print, but it can identify static images on TV screens such as logos and banner ads. Point initially sounded like fertile ground for second screen experiences, but its not exactly conducive to watching TV. Instead of being able to identify images from the comfort of a couch, you'll have to walk up close to the television and fill a good chunk of the smartphone's screen with the visual in question. Hit the jump for a video of our time with the app.

Alexis Santos contributed to this report.

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Point Brings Augmented Reality to Your Television Screen

Telibrahma's Point debuts as first Augmented Reality Second-Screen Experience

January 8, 2013 -- United States -- Telibrahma (, the award-winning leader in global mobile marketing technology, is breaking the mold by debuting a revolutionary second-screen experience with Point, their image recognition technology that can capture point-enabled videos and provide an interactive experience for viewers.

Using Point, consumers can enjoy instant engagement across any mobile device by simply pointing their phone at a Point-enabled video, movie, commercial or television program and gain instant access to an augmented experience.

"Point provides a Shazam-like experience for consumers that takes them to the next level of engagement, and we're thrilled to offer this exciting technology to users," said Suresh Narasimha, CEO and Founder of Telibrahma.

Point is a 360-degree solution for consumer engagement and provides an innovative way for brands to communicate with their audience.

In addition to point-enabled videos, Point also works with print ads, editorial content, brand logos, newspapers, magazines and websites to create "real world" experiences for consumers on their mobile devices.