Polaroid Kids Tablet hits CES, and we drop it on the ground a couple of times (video)

The Kids Tablet? Okay, Polaroid doesn't get any points for creativity on the naming side of things, but the company clearly did put some thought into creating a low-price slate for tiny hands. This seven-incher features a rugged rubberized design -- in fact the company didn't flinch when we dropped it twice during the video hands-on that you'll find after the break. The buttons are big and easy to press, and tablet looks fairly easy to clean after the inevitable PB&J smears.

The screen leave a bit to be desired, we'll say that, but that's probably to be expected from a $150 kids tablet. The device runs Android 4.0, featuring a Polaroid skin that looks a bit like Microsoft tiles -- again, probably a good thing for clumsy little fingers. Polaroid's also loaded up some kids software, like Kids Vids, a video app that pulls videos off of YouTube based on the users' age. There some age controls on here as well, though they're hardly the most involved we've seen on a device like this.

Interested parties with tech loving kids can pick the tablet up now.

Billy Steele contributed to this report.