Spotted: Samsung shows off a white Series 9 Ultrabook with a different finish, we prefer the old version

Welcome to "Laptop Porn," an exciting series hosted by that lady who reviews notebooks sometimes. Here at CES 2013, Samsung is showing off a white version of its 13-inch Series 9 Ultrabook -- the same second-gen model that's been shipping since last year. What's interesting is that although this has the same magnesium-alloy frame as all the other Series 9 laptops, the finish feels different: it's smoother, and warmer to the touch. It feels so different, in fact, that we initially thought it was some sort of watered-down plastic version meant to be sold at a lower price.

As it turns out, it's apparently just difficult to paint metal, and the manufacturing process required to make this laptop in white results in a smoother surface. We're not sure we prefer it this way, though this finish does have the advantage of masking fingerprints better. Samsung says it hasn't decided whether or not to bring this to market. In fact, a rep told us the product team is going to listen to feedback at the show to decide whether or not introducing this different material is a good idea. (We already know they take Engadget commenters very seriously!) In any case, in absence of any concrete plans, we'll leave you to peruse our hands-on photos and have unnecessarily heated arguments about color preferences.%Gallery-175324%