Catching up on Nintendo TVii: an interview with i.TV co-founder Justin Whittaker

Nintendo TVii's road to reality was relatively pain-free until its platform, Wii U, launched in November ... without the promised TVii functionality ready for primetime. A month and many ambiguous company statements later, Nintendo TVii went live. But even then, the service went without two of its promised features: TiVo and Netflix integration, promised to launch later this month. Nintendo isn't saying much about TVii post-Wii U launch, but we did manage to catch up with the company that co-created (and continues to support) Nintendo TVii, i.TV, during this week's madness. I.TV co-founder Justin Whittaker stopped by the Engadget doublewide at CES 2013 to chat about his company, what happened (or rather, what didn't happen) at launch, and what the future holds for Nintendo TVii. Head past the break and find out!