Kno launches 'Kno Me' interactive textbook metrics, lets you study your studying

It was almost a year ago that we first heard about Kno's smart textbook metrics system "Kno Me." Now the software is set to actually launch, and find its way into students' (and parents') hands. As a refresher, the system provides analytics on your (or your children's) study patterns, letting you see how long you have studied for, amount of time interacting with the subject matter, percentage of pages that have been annotated and more. Kno Me is available for all of the firm's interactive textbooks and launches tomorrow on the iPad, Windows 8 and browser platforms, with Android and Windows 7 coming by the end of the month. Kno Me is free, and will be pushed out via the existing app.

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Introducing Kno Me, a Visual Dashboard for Students to Review Their Own Study Engagement and Even Share with Classmates

Consumer Electronics Show 2013, Las Vegas, NV - January 9, 2013 –
Today, Kno, Inc.,, a leader in education software, launched Kno Me, a personal study dashboard that helps students measure their engagement with each Kno eTextbook they use. Students can check-in frequently to see near real time stats on their study behavior, interaction levels, time management and personal progress. And with Kno Me social sharing, students can opt-in to share their results with their peers and even follow the engagement levels of other classmates (perhaps the best student in the class).

"The question we want to help students answer is 'How much am I really studying?' If you're a student, you don't know the answer until you get your grade, and if it's bad, it's too late," said Osman Rashid, CEO and Co-Founder of Kno. "Now, with Kno Me, you see near real time progress and get smart feedback on your own study habits, and you can compare your results with your classmates. Kno Me is like a personal learning GPS that helps you locate where you are in your studies and see where you need to go."

The study insights available from Kno Me are based on Kno's proprietary analytics platform which include: the average time a student spends interacting with the textbook and time within specific chapters, the percentage of pages in the chapter the student annotates as well as the percentage of glossary terms the student has mastered. Kno Me is available on all Kno interactive textbooks for iPad, Windows 8, and web browsers and will soon be available for Android and Windows 7.

Kno is committed to making learning more engaging and efficient. Independent research shows that making content interactive promotes engaged learning and helps students retain information. And when students use features like highlighting, journaling, and flash cards, students no longer need to spend time preparing study materials-they can simply study.

Kno offers interactive textbooks for K-12 and higher education students. At, students can find over 200,000 digital titles from 65 leading textbook publishers. Kno's digital textbooks provide over 70 interactive features that are designed to increase learning efficiencies and engagement, saving students up to 90 minutes a week in study time per book.