RIM CMO says 'at least' six BlackBerry 10 devices will arrive in 2013

RIM first talked about plans for a batch of six different BlackBerry 10 devices -- split evenly between QWERTY and all-touch models -- last summer, but it's been relatively mum on the matter since then, focusing more on the sole device that will launch on January 30th. It looks like that is indeed still the number the company is looking at beyond that first device (and a QWERTY model to follow), though, with CMO Frank Boulben confirming in an interview with FierceWireless that RIM is looking to release "at least" six BlackBerry 10 devices before year's end. Those are said to cover a range of price points on the low, medium and high-end, but Boulben didn't get much more specific than that, nor did he offer any indication as to when we can expect those other models during the year.