Westinghouse's 110-inch 4K television costs $300,000, is built to order (eyes-on)

We must admit, we were a bit surprised when we heard that Westinghouse -- not exactly the first name in HDTV -- would be bringing a 110-inch 4K HDTV to CES. Naturally, once we got to Vegas, we had to see the thing for ourselves. Its size is as impressive as you imagine, and the native-res 4K video looked really good on such a massive screen, with nearly 180-degree viewing angles and vibrant colors. Unfortunately, the unit we saw was an engineering test mule, so the back was all exposed panels and circuit boards and there was some ghosting on the screen itself. However, we were assured that those willing to pony up the obscene $300,000 asking price can get a flaw-free TV custom installed via special order at the end of Q1 of this year. Want to see more of what all those dollars will get you? Check out our gallery of shots below.