GameStick pulled from Kickstarter due to IP dispute (update: it's back!)

The Android-based gaming console GameStick was just pulled from Kickstarter, according to an email we just received from Kickstarter support. Its project page is no longer accessible, and the only information given in our support email says it was removed due to, "an intellectual property dispute." As a result, the project page was taken down ("removed from public view," says the email), and it may end up getting canned altogether. "If we are not able to re-post it within 30 days, we will cancel the project," says the email. Yikes! Should that occur, all pledges for the project will expire (Kickstarter doesn't charge pledges until a project is approved), and the project, "will be permanently unavailable."

We're following up with Playjam, the project's creator, for more and will let you know if we hear back.

Update: PlayJam's taken to Facebook to respond, saying, "This IP issue has NOTHING to do with our design or product! It's a small snag in one of our promo videos demonstrating a game that was exposed without clearance. An oversight and one that we're editing in the video now. We'll get back up and running hopefully as soon as possible. Thanks, everyone, for your support and understanding!"

Update 2: The Kickstarter is back up! Looks like that IP dispute was little more than a fleeting issue. "We're writing to inform you that the DMCA process for GameStick: The Most Portable TV Games Console Ever Created is complete. The project is now available," an email from Kickstarter support reads.